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About us

A school, a place to learn, to innovate and to develop one’s talent …

Over the years, we’ve tried to teach our students what we know about visual communication and multimedia conception to the best of our ability. Hard, easy, impossible, but certainly never boring.

We created this platform to present the works of all of our gifted students and trainees as well as some of their portfolios. Just because we’re proud of them and we like to show off… But more importantly, because creativity needs to be encouraged.

You will also find here the events that we organise and in which we participate.

In case you want more serious and formal information about the training that we offer, you can visit our official website  www.eikon.emf.ch

And if you want to contact us :


eikonEMF - art and communication
Rte Wilhelm Kaiser 13
CH-1700 Fribourg
T. +41 26 305 46 86
eikon.emf [ @ ] edufr_ch



Les Têtes Chercheuses

Les Têtes Chercheuses by eikonPRO
Exhibition of Fabian Bürgy – Two objects, Two walls – 16th May 2014

Exhibition of Fabian Bürgy – Two objects, Two walls – 16th May 2014

Fabian Bürgy is a Swiss-based sculptor and digital creative. His diverse and playful artistic practice, which includes sculpture, installation and digital imaging, explores the aesthetic of things through random encounters of materials, misplaced situations and spatial relationships. Bürgy creates conceptual situations and small interventions which are inspired by a wide range of mundane objects and appearances. His work…